Healthier. Stronger. Shoulders

Everything you need to know to bulletproof your shoulders from the rigours of martial arts training


Here's What's Inside

  • 16 instructional videos that show you how to do each exercise

  • Easily categorized exercises so you'll know what to do for strengthening, mobility, flexibility and adaptability

  • Coaching points on each exercise for positioning, execution, loading parameters and the benefits of each

  • Downloadable PDF exercise outline

  • The Foundations Program PDF to get you started on your way to healthier stronger shoulders

  • The Advanced Program PDF which will illustrate how to progress beyond the Foundations Program


$0 to Have Healthy Shoulders

Welcome to Bulletproof Shoulders for Combat Athletes

Hello and Welcome to the Bulletproof Shoulder for Combat Athletes program!

This course is intended for both grappling and striking combat athletes looking to maintain strong, healthy, and injury proof shoulders. 

In this course you will learn all that you need to know to make your shoulders stronger, more mobile, more flexible, able to adapt to the rigours of your martial arts training.

This course will...

  • Get you strong and stable in the areas that need it
  • Get you mobile in other areas
  • Train your shoulder to properly move

This way you can continue in your pursuit of martial arts excellence, whether that be choking someone out or knocking them out :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

[email protected]

Exercise Sample: Ball Catches

An excellent exercise to teach your shoulders how to adjust to the changing environment

Happy Kombat Athletes!

Martial Artists, boxers, grapplers, from various backgrounds and levels of experience have benefited from this program

Brandon Lalsingh, 2X Thai Boxing Association North American Muay Thai Champion

Is My Competitive Career Over?!

Brandon Lalsingh, 2X Thai Boxing Association North American Muay Thai Champion

After suffering two partial tears in my left shoulder, due to an accident that occurred in training, I was left with nagging pain, lack of strength and limited mobility that barely allowed me to raise my arm above shoulder level. This was very frustrating being a competitive athlete, so I was very eager to get the appropriate rehabilitation and physiotherapy done. I worked with Sebastian in the past for smaller injuries, but this was the first time I had regularly scheduled sessions with him, and I am very grateful that I chose to work with him for this injury. He provided an array of rehab exercises, as well as modified variations for when I had difficulties. He would also get me to actually understand the purposes behind each exercise, and in turn, help me to set out realistic timelines and goals to return to my regular training. Sebastian is a great therapist. He is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding, and certainly a great choice for anyone in need of a physiotherapist.
Peter Ngyuen, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing Athlete

Road to Recovery!

Peter Ngyuen, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing Athlete

“I experienced pain in my right shoulder due to overuse which hindered my day to day activities. Sebastian was able to help by guiding me through various shoulder strengthening exercises that helped me in my road to recovery.”
Dave Bandianon, Full Contact Kali / Stickfighting Athlete

I had difficulty lifting my left arm…

Dave Bandianon, Full Contact Kali / Stickfighting Athlete

“I have been taking Filipino Martial Arts and the Konditioning classes at Kombat Arts for the last 8 years and had been preparing for a Dog Brother’s Gathering when my shoulders started showing signs of overuse. My left shoulder first got injured while doing simple pushups, and it eventually led to the right shoulder compensating which created additional stress. I had difficulty lifting my left arm and opening and closing the car door gave me a lot of discomfort. I tried taking rest days, but I knew rest alone would not fix the situation. This led me to reach out to Sebastian Buitrago. During every session, Sebastian would work on loosening up the aggravated and tensioned areas in and around my shoulders. He would teach me different exercises and would carefully explain the areas of focus within each exercise, so that I would pay more attention to those areas, Sebastian would supervise me to make sure that I was performing each assigned exercise correctly. To ensure that my injury did not delay the progress in my activities, he gave me homework and suggestions for warming up before my normal training routine. This combination allowed me to get back to training faster and feeling better. After making a full recovery, I have continued to incorporate his exercises and stretches into my normal training sessions. If you are suffering from shoulder issues, I highly recommend Sebastian Buitrago! I owe a big part of my successes at the gathering to him.”