Discover this Secret Tool Used by Professional Fighters

I’ve been studying Jeet Kune Do and Kali for a long time.

And one of the staple skills of those martial arts are “trapping” skills.

Trapping skills are the ability to momentarily trap, tie up or immobilize your opponent’s hands, so that you can easily land your strikes.

Really great romantic ideas…until I tried to apply them against Boxers, Muay Thai players and Kickboxers.

It was a painful lesson.

None of it worked.

And to be honest, I couldn’t find anyone who can teach me how to successfully apply trapping against combat athletes.

Or anyone else for that matter who was going to stand there and let me hit them.

So for a long time we discarded these techniques as useless and just stuck with the the usual punches, kicks and blocks that everyone was using.

But it’s funny how things can come full circle.

We started to see a trend in our athletes.  Through sparring, experimentation and fighting, we started to see our own coaches and amateur fighters using these trapping skills successfully against their opponents!

At the same time we also started to see examples of trapping being used by professional fighters from Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA!

These fighters were able to use these trapping tools to get a clear advantage over their opponents.

Through trial and error, sparring and fight evolution, these athletes were using trapping skills, without first learning the traditional teaching methods and application!

Imagine trying to get a fighter to train these techniques in front of a dummy, and then tell them to go apply it in the ring!

Don’t get me wrong.  We love traditional training methods, and there is definitely a place for them.

The techniques were really not the problem.  It was how they were trained and set up, in the context of modern day sport fighting.

Who Are We?

Before we get into the “Trapping for Boxing” program, who are we and why should you care?

Joey de Los Reyes has been studying martial arts for over 30 years and holds teaching credentials and rankings in Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate Boxe Francaise, Combat Submission Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Dog Brother Martial Arts, Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Defensive Tactics, Self Defence, Strength and Conditioning.

He founded his academy, and has operated and co-owned this martial arts school for 20+ years, and has successfully trained martial arts enthusiasts, self defence practitioners, law enforcement, amateur and professional fighters and professional stunt persons.

Mark Medeiros has been training in the martial arts for 18 years and holds quite a few ranks and teaching certifications in Moe Pai Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do, Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, the Filipino Martial Arts and Muay Thai.  

Mark has been teaching martial arts, self defence, law enforcement and fighters for 10 years.

Introducing the Trapping for Boxing Program

This program is for 2 types of people.

  1. Those that have trained in the traditional trapping arts and want to learn how to realistically apply their techniques against someone who is resisting them.
  2. Fighters who want to get an advantage over their opponent.

The program starts with techniques that can be used right away for combat, and then progresses to more advance techniques. 

Most of them can be used for Boxing.  However we have thrown in some material that can be modified for Muay Thai, MMA or even Self Defence.

Price and Bonus Material

The price for this course is only $25.00.  When you sign up you will have instant access to all of the training videos with written instruction highlighting the key features of each technique.

There are also opportunities to train with our coaches online, to insure that you understand the material, at a discounted price.

As an added BONUS we are giving you our ebook, "Drillers are Killers."

We usually sell this ebook for $50, but you get it for FREE when you subscribe to this program.

🔥 Gain immediate access to over 20
“Fighter Workouts”

🔥 Workouts that are used by our Fighters to improve their strength, conditioning and mental toughness

🔥 Instructional videos, along with written instruction on how to do each workout or exercise

Course Curriculum


Mehdi Pouroskoui

3 Time World Muay Thai Champion

Mehdi Pouroskoui

A good coach is one who loves what he teaches, pays attention to details and cares a great deal for the people he is teaching to. Joey de Los Reyes is one of those coaches.
Kru Sylwester Organka

Muay Thai Champion and Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Self Defence Coach

Kru Sylwester Organka

The level of knowledge possessed by Kru Joey in the field of martial arts and combat sports is exceptional. His expertise if not only limited to it’s content but in application and practicality as well. Joey's attention to detail, emphasis on technique, and rigorous training methodology not only sets him about from other’s but is an integral part of the successful formula that made me a Muay Thai Champion. Simply put, Kru Joey is a first-rate instructor and coach. If you want to be the best, you must be TRAINED by the best
Ppaulo Rubio

Ppaulo Rubio

I travel the world seeking phenomenal instructors across the full spectrum of fighting. Mark Medeiros JKD process has a diagnostic testing and evaluation approach to fighting, that allows practitioners to learn new concepts and deepen the understanding of known concepts a true JKD technician.
Chris Mandigma

Tricom Instructor - Use of Force Training - Advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada

Chris Mandigma

Mark exudes both confidence and open-mindedness as a martial arts practioner and instructor. Always willing to share knowledge for the development of others and explore outside of his realms for efficacy and efficiency. Participants of his seminars will have lots to take away.
Kevin Seaman

Sifu, Arjan and Guro

Kevin Seaman

My student Mark Medeiros ia a very motivated and skilled martial artist. His desire to achieve, his creativity and his drive has helped him to develop himself as an excellent student and a caring and qualified teacher. I highly recommend training with Sifu Mark Medeiros
Supervisor John Hasted

Corrections Service Canada

Supervisor John Hasted

I have had the pleasure of being in a learning environment that has been lead by Joey. The class is organized and interesting. Joey keeps students engaged and interested in whatever topic he is covering. He brings current information to the class and ensures his students walk away from class always having learned something new. He has patience and is approachable with questions and offers extra assistance when needed. Joey is very good at recognizing students that learn quickly and those that need some extra help. He is great at prioritizing students needs given their skill levels. He has great positive energy and students feel very comfortable and welcomed in class. Joey pushes students to be their best they can be and is very interested in what student goals are. He recognizes and celebrates their achievements. Joey creates a learning environment that is inclusive and respectful and allows people to feel accepted and respected. Joey is a mentor a coach a leader and overall great at teaching students.
Coach Mark Strasser

Head Grappling Coach United Fighter Thunder Bay

Coach Mark Strasser

Having had the pleasure of hosting Joey for seminars at our gym his expertise was immediately apparent. His teaching methodologies and experience ensured that everyone who attended the seminar was able to follow along and retain as much material as possible, as well as having fun. I wholeheartedly recommend Joey to any gym owner looking to host a seminar.
Kyran Cameron

Pro MMA fighter and Security Officer

Kyran Cameron

I started training with Joey De Los Reyes at the age of 15 with the goal of competing in MMA. Under his instruction I was able to compete Internationally, capture provincial and national titles and rise the ranks to become one the the top amateur MMA athletes in Ontario. I have since made my professional debut and gone undefeated thus far. Joey has a wealth of knowledge on many different martial Arts that he's shared with me and is constantly keeping himself up to date with the latest evolutions and training methodologies in the sport. He's instilled lessons in me that have gone beyond marital arts and helped me find confidence and success in my personal and work life. I would recommend his services to anybody who's looking to get in shape, learn a martial art, gain confidence or learn self defense as he's successfully taught me all of the above.

What You Get...

  • Instructional Videos

    You will get instant access to instructional videos detailing all you need to know about each technique and their application to combat.

  • Big Takeaways

    Each technique you learn is accompanied with written instructions detailing the major points of each technique.

  • Access to Coaches

    You also have an opportunity to train with these coaches online, so that they can review your technique, and make sure that you are correctly doing the technique and understand the material.

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